About Catherine and our Family history

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My name is Catherine Reuther.

I live in Georgia, grew up in Alabama, have roots in the South, and in Pennsylvania and Connecticut, I'm married to Bryan Kennedy, and am devoted to tracking down all the ancestors, aunts & uncles, cousins, and spouses that I can find. I lovingly refer to the ancestors as "the dead people".

My husband Bryan Kennedy loves everything about airplanes, especially radio-control (and now so do I). He has also re-discovered his passion for photography, now in the digital age. Please check out his web sites - airplanes & photos.

I have been interested in family history since the mid 1980's when I read "History and Genealogy of Thomas Wilkes (ca 1735-1809) and His Descendants" for fun. I started this quest using the old paper family group sheets and looking at the census on microfilm. You can imagine that I did not make much progress. In 1999, I purchased my first genealogy software program. By then we had the internet, and things began to get out of hand. I am unable to confine myself to the direct ancestors. I continue to track down every aunt, uncle, parents of the in-laws, and cousins that I can find. Any "missing" relative is a challenge that I can't pass up.

Now that I am married to Bryan, I have added his families to my research list. And then there is Aunt Sarah. Sarah (Fleetwood) Hendrix was my grandmother Catharine (Phillips) Hager's best friend from the age of five. Aunt Sarah shared many things with me, including things that belonged to her mother and grandmother. So then I had to find out more information on the Fleetwood and Jones families.

This web site is my way to share our family history with you, and, hopefully, give you a way to find me. I hope you will discover things you did not know, and share your family's stories with me.

In 2012 I upgraded to Windows7, and figured out that maybe it was not a good idea to continue to use Microsoft Front Page 2003 to create & maintain this web site. OK, so I am really, really slow to get around to finding new software. It only took me two days to figure out that I hated the available options for non-geeks like me. I don't know where I got the idea that I would be happier just learning HTML and CSS. So now I am a geek, and this is the result. I have been pleased with the new clean look compared to the original website (dating back to 2003?). More recently (2016) I have upgraded to the most recent HTML version (version 5) & am working on adding dropdown menu buttons and splitting some families into separate pages.

My most recent project (early 2023) (like I really needed this) has been researching my high school classmates. Not every one. Yet. But looking for dates of death when we did not have one, obituaries, tracking down the lost classmates, and looking for contact information. A perfect fit for my genealogy skills, except for that last one. I have now added some new ways to track down people that I did not have before this. Just one more example of OCGD (REALLY Obsessive Compulsive Genealogy Disorder). Go Huntsville High!

Please email me at reutherca@outlook.com if you have any questions, would like a chart or report that is smaller than what is on the family pages, or have anything you would like to share. I look forward to hearing from every cousin.