Welcome to my family history project.

So many dead people, so little time.

This site is your access to our family history for my famlies, Bryan Kennedy's famlies, and Aunt Sarah (Fleetwood) Hendrix's famlies.

Here you will find mysteries, murder, suicides, insane asylum patients, marriages, divorces, out of wedlock births, immigrants and the families left behind in the old country, farmers, beer brewers, doctors, slave owners, rich families & poor families, pictures, family trees, family information in report or book style and more.

Many documents are in pdf format. If you do not have an Adobe Reader, click here to download this free software.

Please click The Families for a brief description of each of the famlies. From there you can explore each family.

In this time of the coronavirus pandemic, I started wondering about the 1918 Flu. Please click on the Cornavirus menu above for more.