Catherine Reuther - Paternal families

Reuther/Klobe - descendants of Adam Reuther, born 1810 in Bavaria, immigrated about 1850 to Philadelphia and then to Clinton County, Pennsylvania; his brother Nicholas's son Herman, who both immigrated to Clinton County in 1870; and the Klobe siblings (Charles Klobe who had a son with Hannah Reuther, Henrietta Klobe, and Emilie Klobe who married Christian Reuther).

Speiser/Merz - descendants of all the related immigrant Speisers of Württemberg that we know of, including William John Speiser (1839-1907), immigrated 1866 eventually to Minnesota; Henry David Speiser (1850-1921), immigrated about 1879 to Bridgeport, Connecticut; John W Speiser (1859-1917/1918) & wife Louisa, immigrated 1886 to Philadelphia; Marie Speiser (1862-1940) & husband Gustav Kolb, immigrated 1910 to Chicago; Lore Speiser (1910-1990) & husband Walter Herzer, immigrated 1947 to Pennsylvania. Also includes information on the descendants of Johanna (Merz) Börschl (or Boerschel), maternal grandmother of Henry Speiser's wife Babette Habann, who also immigrated to America. And the Speiser and Merz ancestors in Germany into the 1500's.

Barlow/Brooke/Evans/Hallman - Ancestors of my great-grandmother Anna (Barlow) Reuther, who settled in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, as far back as 1699. They include the descendants of Joseph Barlow (died 1704), brothers James & Matthew Brooke (immigrated 1699), George Evans (born about 1702), and Anthony Hallman (immigrated by 1720).

Catherine Reuther - Maternal families

Patterson/Ellison/Terry - descendants of Abraham Patterson, born 1756 Ireland, died 1806 Chester Co, SC, descendants of Robert Ellison, 1742-1806 of Fairfield Co, SC, & descendants of Stephen Terry, died 1807 in Fairfield Co, SC. Most of their descendants moved to Harris, Talbot & Stewart counties, Georgia, around 1830.

Hager/Höglander - descendants of John Hager (Jöns Hagerlöf) (1837-1891) and Marie Höglander (1836-1908) (immigrated about 1870 possibly to NJ, then Alabama), their relatives in Sweden, and their immigrant relatives including the Westbergs, Ola Hansson (brother of Jöns Hagerlöf), Fredericka (Höglander) Swenson and her sons, and Hildegard (Höglander) Highwood.

Herbert/Gibbon/Hopkins - descendants of the Herbert, Gibbon, and Hopkins families in both the US and in Wales. The US immigrants are Lewis T Jones and wife Elizabeth Gibbon (imm. 1848 to Wheeling, WV), Edward Herbert (imm. 1870 to Wheeling & Ohio), William Herbert (imm. 1880 to Ohio & Alabama), and Gwilyn Henry Herbert (imm. 1922 to Los Angeles).

Wilkes/Carter/Griffin - descendants of Thomas Wilkes, born abt 1735 & died around 1810 in SC, Joseph Carter, died abt 1750 in Virginia, & John Blake Griffin, 1808 - 1858, of Georgia.

Phillips - descendants of Robert Phillips, 1782-1850, settled in Walker County, Alabama, in the early 1800's.

Davis - descendants of John Davis, 1774-1858, & Esther Orr. Related to the Ellison & Terry families. Most moved to Texas in the 1840's.

Bryan Kennedy's families

Gwinn/Taylor - descendants of Andrew Gwinn (born abt 1795) of Cabell County, West Virginia. Several of the Gwinns migrated to Texas around 1880, first to Dallas County and then to Wichita County. The Taylors have roots in Mississippi & Tennessee.

Bobo - descendants of Spencer Bobo of France. The Bobos were originally Huguenots (French Protestants) from France. They immigrated to America via England in the early 1700's, settling in Virginia.

Kennedy/Davis/Wright - descendants of John McClain Kennedy and Eliza Pate, Alford Davis and Sara McCurley, and Daniel Webster Wright of Marion and Franklin Counties, Alabama.

Lassiter/Kiser - These families all settled in Texas, and all migrated from other parts of the country. The Lassiters - Mississippi, Alabama, North Carolina, and the Kisers - North Carolina & Missouri. (As best we know so far).

Sanders/Walls/Oakley/Gray - The Sanders and Walls families lived in Collin County in north Texas in the early 20th century. They have roots in Tennessee and Oklahoma, and both families are believed to have Native American ancestry. Also includes the related Oakley and Gray families, also of Texas.

Sarah (Fleetwood) (Ogletree) Hendrix's families

Fleetwood/Jones - The Fleetwood and Jones (of St. Clair County, AL) families of Georgia and Alabama.