Davis family photos

From the collection of Peggy Clark (PKC)

journal Alford Davis (1820-1892) in Hodges, Alabama, in 1890. (PKC)

journal Elic M Davis (1857-1922) in 1877. (PKC)

journal Catherine "Kate" (Smith) Davis, 1st wife of Elic Davis, born about 1866, died between 1888 & 1900. (PKC)

journal Home of Alford Davis's daughters. (PKC)

journal Jery Marvin Davis (1888-1975) in his World War I uniform about 1918. (PKC)

journal Curry Holt (1883-1953), son of Louisa (Davis) Holt, and his wife Claudie. (PKC)

journal Hattie (Wright) Davis (1890-1968) about 1925 with children Kate, Victoria and Daniel. (PKC)

journal Roger Davis (1886-1979), center, with sons Dan (1913-2007), left, and Hoyt (1909-1987). (PKC)

journal Sept 1959 - Kate (Davis) Kennedy (1916-1990), Paralee Davis (1873-1963), and Roger Davis (1886-1979). (PKC)

journal Hattie and Roger. (PKC)