Research News & Updates

1 Aug 2020 I think Gary Griffen Allen (son of Marion Griffin Allen) died in 2019 in Caliente, CA. He was found dead with trauma to his body, and his death was considered suspicious. No further news reports were found on the results of the investigation into his death. Yeah to the state of Florida for always quickly sending out death certificates. We now have the mother and wife of Thomas S Black, who died in 1991.

21 Jul 2020 It is always nice to hear from new cousins as they always inspire me to do more research, and usually there are more records on-line than the last time I looked. I have added more on the Black family (and in this day and time that is the last name of Black), and more on Marion Griffin Allen, where I discovered two wives and three children. His children were orphaned when he died in 1948 in Pasadena, California; the oldest was 13. If you have more information on this family I would love to hear from you as I cannot find any information on the two youngest.