Research News & Updates

3 Mar 2024 Very sad to report that cousin Steve Hager (Russell Stevenson Hager) died 20 Jan 2024 in Birmingham. Steve was born 23 Feb 1949 in Jasper to Uncle George and Aunt Kaki.
In other news I am very excited to report that we have finally made contact with cousin Marty (she goes by Marguerite now), daughter of cousin Ann Japp (Ann used Marjorie - full name Marjorie Ann (Frith) Hutton, born Marjorie Ann Japp) and her daughter Brittany. Thank goodness for my website as they actually found me last fall. I know - I rate highly on the "you sure are slow" meter, or perhaps the "you are fucking slow" meter.
I have "corrected Marjorie Ann's birth from 1931 to 1932, but actually I am still not sure as the SSDI shows 1931 and the SS Claims Index shows 1932. Will further investigate.
Still need to update new information on the Hutton's that Marguerite shared. Yeah, the you sure are slow meter.

9 Mar 2021 More information on the family of Ola Hansson. The death of 3-year old Patricia Daniels from an accidental gunshot. Some additions based on a tree on Ancestry for Hildor's family. I have reached out to our cousin and owner of the tree. Still waiting to hear. Now if I could just find more information on the Cashmans.

16 Jan 2021 Last year someone (not related of course) told me I should un-link Aunt Marguerite from 1st husband Paul Japp on FindaGrave. Because his obituary did not include her. Which kept him in my mind since I had not yet found when they married. (highly addictive) gave me a news report of their marriage in Selma (daughter Ann Japp was born 5 weeks later), articles linking them to Cincinnati, Flat Creek & Jasper, a 4-generation pic of the Japps including Paul & Ann, and a report that Paul married his 2nd wife before the divorce from Marguerite.

12 Mar 2020 FINALLY. I have updated the Highwoods and added Ida Höglander to the Emmigrant's page. Also did an update to the Swenson's as I finally found Robert Swenson's short marriage.

20 Jul 2018 I am sad to report that Kerry (Hager) Morris died in Birmingham on 28 April at age 42. I have updated the Hager's (also includes some additional info gathered last year at the reunion). And also the family in Sweden, and Ola Hansson on the Emmigrant's page.

28 May 2017 With the reunion coming, we are all sharing more family stuff, so I now have copies of Maggie (Herbert) Hager's photo album and scrapbook, and John W Hager's files. That means lot's more pictures. Check out the new photo pages. More to come.

1 Mar 2017 Thanks to cousin Ulf in Sweden, we are adding to our family back in Sweden, and adding more immigrant families in addition to the Hager's. I have changed the main Hager page to just Hager's, and added pages for the family in Sweden and for the immigrants, including the Swenson's. There are still people to add from my notes, and much research to do.

2 Feb 2017 I am on the committee planning a Hager Family Reunion for this summer, hopefully in June. If you are not sure you are on the distribution list, please contact me.

1 Jun 2015 More deaths to report: Sadly, Dianne (Murphree) Hager, Kenneth's wife, died on February 23. Her family wrote a beautiful obituary for her. I am also sad to report on the death of Sara Penrod on 15 December 2014 at age 28. Sara committed suicide at her home in Northampton, MA. Sara had struggled with mental health issues for many years.

6 Jan 2015 I am so sad to report on the loss of two Hagers in recent months. Cousin Dell (Hager) Franklin passed away on October 31, 2014, at age 69. On December 18, 2014, Aunt Betty Lou (Breidenbach) Hager, widow of uncle Paul Hager, passed away at age 92. I know both Dell and Betty Lou are missed by their family and friends. I recently took another look/stab at Aunt Marie (Hager) Anderson and her husband John E Anderson. John has always been among the missing. I have John's death certificate confirming I have the correct John Anderson. So we now have his birth & death (1976), and parents. I have more information collected and will add to my database later.

8 Jul 2014 Ancestry has added more records for Sweden. I am still waiting for more so we can find the parents of Jöns Hagerlöf and Marie Höglander, but we now have four children for John and Marie, and Charles's (aka Karl Jacob) and Annie's (Anna Maria Oskar) birth names. And Joseph Swenson's birth name.

24 Jan 2013 Sadly, my mother Jane (Hager) Reuther died on 29 October 2012. She was 79 years old and had been fading away for some time. Jane always told me after her Daddy and "cousin" Fleety died that in her version of heaven they were in Destin, Florida, fishing, and that when she died that was where she was going. So there she is, sitting on the beach watching Henry and Fleety head out in their boat.