Research News & Updates

2 May 2023 I can't believe it has been since fucking October 2021 (for the Reuther's) and November 2020 (for the Klobe's) since I last did a real update. I am blaming Covid.
I have finally been able to confirm that Alma (Thomas) Schug is the same person as our Alma Gibbons. Alma was listed in her sister Margaret Cooper's obituary and the PA birth indices list Alma K Gibbons, b. 1914, mother M Ruther.

3 Apr 2022 After my last update in October, I realized the Adam Reuther Report was dropping important information, namely the spouses parents' names. It has taken the company that makes my software until now to get that (and apparently a lot of other issues) fixed. I have created a new Adam Reuther Report. The Adam Reuther Chart was fine. (And no research added since October.)

13 Oct 2021 Two recent deaths - Joyce Babette (aka Connie) (Reuther) Holley, died 19 Sep 2021 at the age of 94. Aunt Connie was my father Cal Reuther's sister. Also, Olga Doris (Reuther) Hults (known as Doris) died 12 Aug 2021 in New Jersey. She was the daughter of Herman Christian Reuther.

24 Jun 2021 Finally!! I found our missing Mary Reuther, daughter of Herman and Ernestine. Family stories say she died in 1918 during the flu pandemic. Turns out she died in 1919 at the Danville, PA, State Hospital for the Insane. A huge thanks to the Lycoming Co Genealogical Society for helping me confirm I found the right Mary by sending me her obituary (it listed parents and siblings).
Some new work on Theodore Martz and family who went to Oregon. Theodore and Sadie married in 1887 in Camden, New Jersey, and divorced in 1928 in Oregon.

15 Dec 2020 I am so sorry to hear of the death of Glendayle Susanna (Johnson) Mark on 18 July 2020 in Williamsport. She was the daughter of Milton Johnson and Erma Lehman. Sadly, I was mistaken about her parents and got the impression from the 1930 Census that she was the daughter of Lee Heggenstaller (actually her step-father) and my relative Martha Gladys Martz (d. 1926) (Lee's 1st wife). So I have had to remove Glendayle from our history.

11 Apr 2020 In this time of the coronavirus pandemic I was reminded of the 1918 flu pandemic. I am encouraged that all my direct Reuthers survived. Yeah! Please go here coronavirus for more info.

9 Aug 2018 Oops. Apparently I wiped out the Lamey's (descendants of Nick Reuther) on the main Reuther page last year. They are back now.

28 May 2017 Ancestry added additional records for Thuringia, Germany. Yeah! That provided the parents and siblings of the immigrant Klobes.

28 May 2017 (part 1) Lot's of fun last summer with some new records. The PA WWII Veteran's Compensation Applications list wives, children, and parents (if living). This lead to Charles Edward Reuther, presumed son of Percival William Charles Reuther (aka Charles Reuther). Son John Rosser lists his father Ward Jesse Rosser as address unknown in 1950. So who knows when this black sheep actually died. Other records of use are the WWII draft cards on Fold3, and PA wills lead to the death of Elizabeth, widow of Charles Klobe. She died in 1907.

31 May 2014 I have found additional (i.e., new) records on Ancestry for the Reuthers and the Klobes in Philadelphia - marriage of Christian and Emilie, another child of theirs, more on Henry Reuther (brother of Christian), and most important a marriage for Henriette Klobe in 1866 and her death in 1901.

31 May 2014 I was so sad to hear this week about the death of my friend Mary (Lamey) Hoffer of Jersey Shore, PA, on 26 April. She was a wonderful friend and fellow genealogist. She shared much information on the Reuther and Klobe families, and was a great teacher. I was so glad I got to meet her in 2009. A few days before I heard about Mary's death, I discovered new information on Henriette Klobe (marriage and death). She lived much later than previous records had indicated. Perhaps Mary was reaching out to say there is more on the Reuthers and Klobes; go look.

10 Feb 2013 Sadly, my mother Jane (Hager) Reuther died on 29 October 2012. She was 79 years old and had been fading away for some time.

6 Aug 2012 The PA death certificates I began ordering in the spring are starting to come in. Great information! Adam Reuther's wife is reported to be Johanna Wolfram on her daughter Henrietta (Reuther) Rosser's death certificate.