last updated 13 Aug 2020

The Hallmans - The Link to North Carolina

Regarding the family of Henry Hallman 1716-1803, while I think it has been known for some time that Anna Catherine Hallman and husband Jacob Creasamore moved to North Carolina (by 1768 when daughter Rebecca was born), many researchers believed that Henry and Anthony remained in Pennsylvannia. Cousin Richard Hallman has found proof that Henry, Anthony, and sister Anna Catherine were all in Lincoln County, NC, before their father died.

Following their father Henry's death in 1803, the North Carolina siblings had trouble getting their inheritance from Henry's executors, their half-brothers Jacob and John. Perhaps Jacob and John were hoping that their NC siblings, being far away, would eventually give up and leave them alone.

In 1810 the NC siblings had had enough and gave their trusted friend and attorney Jacob Summey power of attorney to travel to Pennsylvania and seek their share of father Henry's estate.

We Henry Halmon, Anthony Halmon and Cathrina Cresmore all of the County of Lincolon and State of North Carolina and Heirs of Henry Halmon Deceased in the state of Pennsylvania & County of Montgomery Barcumon [Perkiomen] and Skippack township for divers good causes and Considerations me [we] hereunto . . . appoint Our trusty friend Jacob Summy . . . our true and Lawful Attorney for us . . . to ask demand Recover and Receive of and from the Executors or Executors and Administrators of the Estate of Henry Halman deceased all such Sum or Sums of Money in the Hands of the Executor of the last will and Testament of said Henry Halmon deceased with Interest due . . . In witness whereof we have hereunto Set our hands and affixed our seals this 8th day of May One thousand Eight hundred and ten

I think that in normal circumstances, the matter would have been quietly settled between the siblings. In this case, Jacob Hallman probably wanted to make sure he would not hear any more on the matter from his three siblings. As a result, both the power of attorney and the agreement reached between the NC siblings' attorney and their brother Jacob was recorded in the Montgomery County courthouse, in this case in the Mortgage Book.

I the above named Jacob Summey by force and virtue of the above power of attorney have had and Received of Jacob Hallman Executor of the last will and testament of Henry Hallman deceased the Sum of forty four pounds fourteen shilling and eleven pence lawful money of Pennsylvania which being their full share and divident or Legacy due unto Henry Hallman Anthony Hallman and Cathrine Creasamour out of their said Fathers Estate as also of their share . . .due unto them out of the Estate whereof their Brother Daniel Hallman died Intestate . . ., And I do hereby remise release and forever quit claim . . . from all the Legacies bequests Shares or dividents due or becoming due unto the said Henry Hallman Anthony Hallman and Cathrine Creasamour out of either of said deceaseds Estates, hereby Indemnifying said Jacob Hallman . . . against all persons whatsoever claiming under either of them touching or Concerning the same. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the first day of May [should be June] AD 1810

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