Research News & Updates

7 Apr 2022 Sad to report on the death of my aunt Joyce (aka Connie) Reuther Holley on 19 Sep 2021 at the age of 94. (Before I could get the Barlows updated this past fall, I realized my genealogy software had a bug in one of the reports so it dropped important information. So sorry for the delay in posting about Connie's death.)
Last year I finally tracked down Sarie Fleck, wife (divorced) of Fred Isett Keely (1882-1960). I just hate it when I can't find someone, so am happy to have tracked her down.

13 Aug 2020 I have added the will of Henry Hallman (1716-1803) and the power of attorney of his North Carolina children (a new web page). And made various corrections to some information based on the wills of Anthony Hallman, son Henry, and a few other historical sources.

12 Jan 2015 I just realized I had two John Fry & wife Maria families with the same children. I had also incorrectly input Maria as Maria Hollowbush, when Florence (Barlow) Fry's journal had no last name for Maria. John Fry's wife was Maria Hallman. I have updated the page for Mrs.Florence (Barlow) Fry's journal to correctly reflect this family. I have not yet updated this family on the main Barlow, etc., page.

7 Jan 2015 Thanks to a new Hallman cousin in North Carolina for pointing out that Anthony Hallman (son of Henry who died 1803) could not have died before 1800 when Henry wrote his will. If Anthony had died before 1800, he would not have been in his father's will. So I have corrected Anthony to show he died after 1800. Henry's (d. 1803) daughter Anna Catherine (Hallman) Cresamore and her husband migrated to NC, and it is likely that other Hallmans also moved. Perhaps Anthony Hallman is the Anthony Holman of NC whose descendants (known as Hallman), thanks to YDNA testing, are descended from the first Anthony Hallman (1671-1759). I have started to do a bit of my own research on the Hallmans, so am adding more information.

1 Oct 2014 Between cousin Elaine and I we now know that Alfred (aka Albert) Barlow died in 1927. We had thought he had died by 1900, but we were wrong. Alfred did marry but had no children. We also found Susan Barlow, daughter of Owen and Lydia (Fox) Barlow. She married John W Clarke, and we have information on some of her descendants.

8 Jul 2014 With more on-line availability of PA death certificates (in addition to adding more information), I have been able to determine that Mary (Barlow) Kugler (1838-1918) is actually Mary (Gilbert) Kugler, so have reverted back to Florence (Barlow) Fry's information and added Mary Evans Barlow (wife of Charles Garber Miller) as a daughter of John Barlow and Anna Evans. I have added additional information on the Barlows and the Hallmans, and corrected a few spouse names for the Hallmans.

24 Jan 2013 More on the descendants of Mahlon & Hannah (Hallman) Barlow, especially the Iowa branch that I have been neglecting. Also, the sad story of Elizabeth (Barlow) & Sylvester Boyer. She died after giving birth to twins, who followed her a few months later. Then Sylvester died, leaving their two remaining children to be raised by his mother. Charles appears to have died a young man, not sure if he had descendants. And Mary never married and spent time in the state hospital.

15 Oct 2012 Researching the Pennsylvania Death Indices for the Barlows, and adding new information on the Mahlon Barlow/Hannah Hallman branch, especially Lydia (Fox) & Owen Barlow and Elizabeth (Barlow) & Sylvester Boyer.