Herbert family photos

journal Home in Wales. Likely taken in the 1890's. Probably home of Elizabeth "Lysa" (Herbert) Thomas. (CAR)

journal Herbert or Hopkins relative in Wales. Probably taken in the 1890's. Could be Jane (Gibbon) Herbert or Sarah (Morgan) (Hopkins) Llewelyn. (CAR)

journal Margaret (Hopkins) Herbert. Probably before her wedding to William in 1875. (JSK)

journal Margaret (Hopkins) Herbert. Probably taken 1880, just before immigrating to the United States, when she was pregnant with son David (born & died 1880 in Ohio). (CAR)

journal William Herbert (on the right), probably at a coal mine in Alabama. William retired in the 1920's. (CJH3)

journal William & Margaret Herbert with children, Mabel (Herbert) Smith (check out those legs), Elizabeth, Maggie (Herbert) Hager, Gwylym, Sarah "Sadie" (Herbert) Lykes, & Annie (Herbert) Moore, about 1927. (JSK)

journal William Herbert with great-granddaughter Sarah Counts (left) and grand-daughter Elizabeth Smith (1922-1970), at the house in Bessemer about 1925-26. (CAR)

journal 1530 6th Ave, Bessember, AL, in 2005. The Herbert home from about 1904 to the death of daughter Mabel (Herbert) Smith in 1983. (CAR)

journal Francis Raymond "Ray" Moore (1909-1990), Annie's step-son, Mary Elizabeth Moore, and William Herbert. In St. Clair, Michigan.(AGR)

journal Mabel (Herbert) Smith (1892-1983). (JSK)