Research News & Updates

9 Mar 2021 Lots to add - Updated the families in Wales, both the Herberts and the Hopkins. The Hopkins family includes lots of new information on the Australia and Canada branches. In the US, I have updated the William Herbert and Lewis Jones families.

4 Jan 2019 The Herberts in Wales have been updated with more information on the Banfords. Ancestry has a new record, the 1939 England and Wales Register, a pseudo-census taken as war in Europe started. This will be a great resource to add to information on the families in Wales.

1 Jun 2015 A good visit to Elmwood Cemetery in Birmingham, AL, in May. The visit helped add to the descendants of William Herbert.

21 Nov 2014 Research with Welsh and US Welsh-language newspapers had added new and exciting information. Edward Herbert's obituary (died 1884), probably written by his brother William, provided great clues including that Edward came to Wheeling, WV, in 1870 to work for his uncle Lewis Jones. So we now know that Lewis Jones and wife Elizabeth Gibbon immigrated about 1848. They and Gwilyn Henry Herbert (imm. 1922) have been added to the main page.

26 Feb 2014 The translation of William Herbert's journal of 1886-87 is almost complete and providing great information on the Gibbon and Hopkin families. The journal and my research shows that Margaret (Hopkins) Herbert's death certificate had her mother's name completely wrong. She was actually the daughter of Sarah (Morgan) (Hopkins) Llewelyn.

24 Aug 2013 I found Henrietta (Morgan) Herbert's parents, and have an exact date of death for her. Henrietta was the wife of Gwylym Herbert. Last fall I finally worked on finding a translator for William Herbert's diary of 1886-1887. Cousin Junith has the original. William wrote it as a kind of travelogue on a visit back to Wales. The translation is in progress and I will add a web page for it soon.

24 Jan 2013 Sadly, my mother Jane (Hager) Reuther died on 29 October 2012. She was 79 years old and had been fading away for some time.