Merz, Boerschel, Straub & Becker family photos

journal Village of Gruibingen painted about 1685 by Andreas Kieser. He painted many villages in the Dukedom of Württemberg for the forest register book. (Image from

journal The church & rectory of Gruibingen, circa 2009. (Image from

journal Johannes Börschl (1846-1901) & wife Christine Elisabeth Zanker (1844-1917). They remained in Germany. (CAR)

journal Eduard Johannes "John" Straub (1842-1927). Husband of Babette Merz. (CAR)

journal Elizabeth Börschl (or Boerschel) (1844-1921). (CAR)

journal Charles Merz (1865-1934) & wife Maria (Strolin) Merz (1870-1956) in 1918. (CAR)

journal Chris Becker in costume. The original photo is a tintype. (CAR)

journal Chris Becter & wife Anna (Straub) Becker. (KRA)

journal Matilda Marie "Tillie" Becker (1892-1961) & John Carl "Johnnie" Becker (b. 1891, d. abt 1893 drowning accident) . (CAR)

journal Adolf Peter Becker (1899-1964). (KRA)