last updated 23 Aug 2013

Henry David Speiser Family Bible

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Our Speiser family bible was started in Germany with the marriage of Heinrich David Speiser to Sophie Pauline Eisenhardt in 1873. Sophie died in 1887 in Bridgeport, Connecticut. That same year Henry married Babette Habann (sometimes called Babette Merz). Someone, probably Babette, did a lot of crossing out in the bible of Sophie.

It is interesting that Henry's older sons with Sophie, Henry and Hugo, seem to be left out of the bible with no listing of their marriages or children. Many other marriages are also not included.

Henry and Babette's youngest child Lydia (Speiser) Reuther continued the bible adding notes, grandchildren and great-grandchildren in blue ballpoint pen.

About 1989 the bible was passed from Henry's grandson Calvin R. Reuther to me.

Here are some pictures of the bible and the family pages in pdf format - the Speiser bible.

Pictures and images are available at a higher resolution. Please contact me if you would like those files.