Speiser family photos from Connecticut branch

From the collection of Catherine Reuther (CAR)

journal Sophie (Eisenhardt) Speiser (1850-1887), 1st wife of Henry D. Speiser. (CAR)

journal Hugo Carl Speiser (1875-1962). (CAR)

journal Henry Speiser, wife Babette & children. (CAR)

journal Babette (Habann) Speiser (1858-1947). (CAR)

journal The Speiser girls in 1912. Click here for more information on this picture. (CAR)

journal Reinhold Columbus Speiser (1892-1974) in 1913. (CAR)

journal Irma (Speiser) Forbes on the occasion of her wedding in 1914. (CAR)

journal Visiting King & Irma Forbes in Flint, MI, in 1938. Standing in back, Stuart Forbes, Helene (Speiser) Weiland, Irma, Lydia (Speiser) Reuther, Charles Forbes. Standing in front, Joyce & Calvin Reuther. (CAR)