Speiser family photos from Germany

journal Village of Ötlingen painted about 1685 by Andreas Kieser for the forest register books in the Dukedom of Württemberg. On the far left is the mill with two mill-wheels operated by the Speisers. Ötlingen has now been absorbed by the town of Kirchheim Unter Teck. (Wikimedia)

journal Elisabeth (Esenwein) Speiser (1813-1908) in 1865. Widow of Johannes Speiser (1807-1855). (CAR)

journal Wilhelm Speiser (1838-1927) and 1st wife Friederike Hermann (1844-1869) in 1865. (HB)

journal Identified as Johannes Heinrich Speiser (1836-1883) and family, wife Agnes Dorthea Holl and children Elisabeth Caroline, Marie Sophie, Johannes Gottlob, Lina & Heinrich David. About 1870. (CAR)

journal Caroline Speiser (1848-1907), married Gottlob Adolf Breuning. (CAR)

journal Christiana (Speiser) Sting (1833-1913), wife of Johann Jakob Sting. (CAR)

journal Elisabeth Caroline Speiser (b. 1861), husband Georg Becker (b. 1854), and children about 1895. Her sister Marie (Speiser) Kolb immigrated to Chicago. (CAR)

journal Helene (Speiser) Wagner (b. 1867) in 1900. (HB)

journal Henry D Speiser family (visiting from Connecticut) & Wilhelm Speiser family - 1903. (HB)

journal Wilhelm Speiser and family about 1917-1918. (HB)

journal Wilhelm Speiser (1838-1927) in 1926. (CAR)